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Quotes We bought our puppy Boss from you August 22, 2004. He was a beautiful pup that grew into a beautiful dog that was part of our family. My two youngest children do not remember a time without him.this past week we had the devastation of having to put him down. He had significant arthritis in his hip and knees. Our family is at a loss with the void of not having Boss here anymore. He was very much loved, treasured and appreciated for his loyality, character, playfulness and companionship. I wanted to let you know that we couldn't have asked for a better dog. Boss was a pup from Hershey's litter. He was a dark chocolate with a distinct white strip on his chest.(that didn't disappear, but rather distinctively marked "our boy" from other chocolate labs). Quotes
Past puppy owner

Quotes I thought that I would send you a picture or 2 of Shadow. I got him from you in February of 2009, and he was one of your black Lab's. Every pet a person has, has his/her own unique personality, and traits that set them out from others. Although I have had many over the years, and I had a strong bond with them all, Shadow I am afraid has broken the mold. I fear that there will never be another that can fill his shoes, so to speak. So I owe you a big thank you for the best friend I have ever had. He is fiercely loyal, strangely enough, he is protective in a way I have never seen in a lab. However he is smarter than most of my 2 legged friends, with impressive problem solving abilities. He plays with all dogs, and some how knows how to adjust how much, or how little effort to put into it, so he doesn't hurt the smaller ones. He even knows when around people who he can play rough with, and who to use kid gloves with. Unlike most of my past 4 legged friends, this one goes almost every Quotes
satisfied best friend

Quotes Hi Lisa and Bruce, I thought I'd send a few recent pictures of Bella ( previously Holly from Raven's litter) and Penny (previously Gabby from LuLu's litter). They are so sweet and extremely active! And always together. Thank you for two perfect labs :) Melissa and family. Quotes

Quotes Hi it's James stacey, Just wondering when would be a good time to bring daisy up? I sure know how to pick them! She's the spitting image of lola....you sure know how to breed a dog! She's a 1 of a kind! Sent from my iPhone Quotes

Quotes Hi folks, Just thought I would send along a couple of recent pictures of Cache. He?s doing great! Everyone loves him because he?s so gentle and loveable. Hope all is well with you people. Bye for now. Quotes
satisfied mom

Quotes Love the new site and seeing that there were no new Testimonials entered yet, I thought I'd be the first. If you sold a thousand Lab Puppies you won't find a more satisfied owner than me. I love my puppy "Abby" more than anything and she is an outstanding dog in all aspects. She is a terrific hunting dog and is an intricate part of our family. I have been retired fully now for 2 years and all I do is hunt, fish, ATV and spend the summers at the cottage. Abby is three now and spoiled beyond believe (just as it should be)!!! As always thank you for giving me my best friend and hopefully your dogs will bring as much joy to future owners as Abby has brought to me. Quotes
Butch Fahie